Have you rotated all your product out of your CERT BAGS & Go KITS? Make sure you have check the dates on your supplies and batteries. CERT bags & CERT backpacks can be made up of many different quality bags, remember one thing this is your CERT bag and no-one else’s. If you don’t pack it you can’t blame anyone but yourself for not having the right CERT Gear on a deployment or Event. Make sure you are checking weather, and other conditions for the right outerwear, rain-gear, etc.

– Rotate your Water

– Rotate your Food

– Replace & Rotate your Batteries

– Check your main supplies

Kansas City Area CERT Members, Check out Game Plan Experts, they have a great selection of bags in stock with plenty of storage room. Check out their Field Pack, click on the bag below to take you to their page.   Use this discount code for ALL CERT members “CERT10” to get a 10% discount on all orders.

CERT Bags, these are your bags. Please make them what you want and remember to carry what you need to use. Not every-CERT bag is created equal.

Basic CERT Backpack, gear backpack, CERT Bag, CERT GEAR Standard CERT Backpack From Class


Another CERT bag we found. It’s great has lots of storage, Molle system and Hydration setup also.

LA Police Gear has a less expensive bag.

La police gear backpack, CERT Bag, CERT GEAR



Happy CERT Bag Hunting out there and please share with what you have found with us on our Facebook page . CERT GEAR, CERT BAG, CERT Backpack