CERT events please check back for updated events with registration information. We are also updating our Facebook page with current CERT events. We will be adding more events this year we have received more requests to help out in the Edgerton and Gardner communities within the Southwest Johnson County coverage area. Please let us know if you need help for an event that CERT can assist you.

CERT Deployment
CERT Deployment briefing for the July 4th 2015

Our events will have a safety briefing with the ICS team or the agency in charge, volunteer safety is the highest concern for CERT members. CERT members need to remember to bring their PPE to each event or function.

Events are usually held on the weekends and have shifts, but sometimes we have events that are an all day long commitment. We understand that your time is valuable, so please volunteer for what you can do, don’t feel obligated to be there all day if you can really only work a few hours.