Local CERT Gear

CERT Patch

We will be adding local Kansas CERT gear you can contact us and pick up.

Here is the current inventory:

Item In StockSMLXL2X3X4X5XOther Amount
CERT Polo T-Shirts01421011
CERT Hoodie00000000Out Of Stock
CERT Zippered Hoodies00100000
CERT Grey T-Shirts01430010
CERT Green 'Uniform' T-Shirts24950110
CERT USA T-Shirts01030000
CERT Safety Green T-Shirts00110000
CERT Baseball Cap (Black)Out Of Stock
CERT Baseball Cap (Safety Green)Out Of Stock
CERT Car Decals18
CERT Coffee Mugs20

Please email us for pickup and cost.

We are wanting to expand our offerings, please let us know what items you would like to see offered. Our team is growing and we want to make sure everyone has something they would like to see.

Here is a link for some ideas of what we can do.